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We Know You’re Busy.
If You’ve Got Questions,

We’ve Got Answers.

We Know You’re Busy.
If You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers.

“We do not offer every plan available in your area. Any information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact Medicare.gov or 1-800-MEDICARE to get information on all of your options.”

Do you have questions such as:

  1. How will my employer group health plan work with Medicare?
  2. Should I enroll in Medicare and leave my employer group plan?
  3. Is Medicare enrollment automatic when I turn 65?
  4. How much does Medicare cost compared to my current plan?
  5. How do I avoid costly penalties if I stay on my employer’s plan?

The SGIA team is a phone call or email away, and we’re standing by to help you make the most appropriate decisions on your Medicare.

Our Medicare specialists can answer all your questions regarding Medicare basics, benefits, enrollment, timeframes, optimal plan selection, and more… all at no cost or obligation.

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Why Your Employer Chose SGIA Medicare Consulting

The number one reason your employer chose SGIA Medicare is that we thoroughly understand your employer group plan and how Medicare can impact your benefit package. We can help you avoid common mistakes that can have lifelong consequences, including penalties.

Our service to you is free. We’re here to save you time, money, and frustration when making decisions about Medicare.

Want to avoid the most common mistakes people make when choosing Medicare? Call or email us for a quick cost comparison because Medicare might save you money.

Many people assume staying on their employer plan is their only option. In many cases, enrolling in a Medicare plan will be a better, less expensive option.

Whether you’re turning 65 and continuing to work, 65 or older and ready to retire, or your spouse is turning 65, making the most of your Medicare depends on your needs.

Ready to review Medicare Advantage and PDP plans? Click here and get a free quote.

Or, for a Medicare supplement quote, contact SGIA at 888-284-3314 or info@sgiamedicare.com.

Medicare Choices

Depending on your goals, the following scenarios will guide you to make the right Medicare choices by becoming more informed.

I’m Turning 65

And Will Continue Working

I’m 65 (or older)

And Ready To Retire

Spouse Turning 65

Working or Retirement

Medicare Basics

Medicare came into existence in 1965. At that time, the average life expectancy was 67 years old, which meant the average person was only on the federal health insurance program for two years. Today, Americans, on average, live to be 78 years old!

While Original Medicare covers many healthcare costs, the reality is that most beneficiaries are required to spend money out of their pocket to supplement their healthcare. Fortunately, there are options to help you reduce your monthly costs!

  • What does Original Medicare cover?
    • Part A helps cover hospital costs, hospice, skilled nursing & home health care.
    • Part B helps cover outpatient and doctor’s visits & medical equipment.
    • Pays 80% of Medicare-approved services.
    • Member pays 20% of approved services.
    • There is NO out-of-pocket maximum.
  • How much are plan premiums?
    • Plan premiums vary depending on the type of plan you choose.
    • Many factors go into determining your premium, such as where you live, smoker vs. non-smoker, age, health status & more.
  • What are the differences between supplemental plans?
    • Medicare Supplement (Medigap)
      • Supplements Original Medicare.
      • Helps pay for out-of-pocket healthcare costs after Original Medicare pays.
      • Premiums vary between carriers and plans, typically $100-$300 per month.
      • Variety of plan options and carriers available.
    • Medicare Advantage
      • HMO/PPO type of plan administered by private insurance companies.
      • Physician networks – many plans have thousands of “in-network” doctors.
      • Helps cover hospital doctor’s visits and, in most cases, prescription drug costs.
      • $0 – low monthly premiums with small co-pays due at time of service.
    • Prescription Drug Plans
      • Prescription Drug coverage is required (for most) by Medicare.
      • It covers a large portion of prescription costs.
      • Variety of plans available.
      • Costs vary by plan and carrier.
      • $15 – $100 monthly premium, with co-pays depending on drug tier.
    • Chronic Illness
      • Plan geared towards certain chronic conditions.
      • Most common plans for Diabetes, COPD, Chronic Heart Failure.
      • Benefits serve the specific issues related to different chronic conditions, e.g., foot care for diabetes patients.
      • Plans are not available everywhere.
    • Special Needs Plans (DUALS)
      • People who are eligible for Medicare AND Medicaid may qualify.
      • Plans pick up cost-sharing such as co-pays and deductibles.
      • Plans are not available everywhere.
      • State or federal government program requirements determine eligibility.
  • Can I keep my doctors?
    • As long as your physician accepts Medicare, many plans are available that allow you to continue in their care.
    • It is easy to determine if your doctor(s) accept your plan choice.

Ready to review Medicare Advantage and PDP plans? Click here and get a free quote.

Or, for a Medicare supplement quote, contact SGIA at 888-284-3314 or info@sgiamedicare.com.